LRR Geospatial Consultancy offers a variety of technical skills and capabilities to meet your GIS needs. Detailed below are some of the projects that we are especially proud to have worked on.

GIS Data Visualization Training

Allows users to view and analyze data in order to make informed decisions.

Online Cadastral Portal

We have worked on an online portal for the Government of Montserrat in providing visualization for the cadastre, contours, aerial photography and other spatially related data for the island of Montserrat.This website (landinfo.gov.ms) is a subscription based system and provides revenue for the Government.

Electric Power Grid Mapping & Analysis

We have worked on the development of a utility map for Montserrat Utilities Ltd (MUL). It involved the creation of relational databases and geospatially positioning the location of transformers, poles, street lights, HV and LV lines and the power station.

Water Network Mapping & Analysis

We have worked on mapping the water distribution network for Montserrat Utilities Limited (MUL). It involved the creation of  relational databases and documentation of the location of reservoirs, pumping stations, fire hydrants, valves, service meters, distribution and service lines. It also included preparing the associated maps.